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New jobs in Canada that you can get without even needing a college degree reopening of a Provincial Nominee programs stream after being closed for a long time.


IELTS English level of 4.0 the score is too low for a Canadian PR application. So here we got all of the CLB levels and sell before means 4.5 in listening 3.5 in reading 4.0 in writing and 4.0 in speaking,


No proof of funds requirement based on the changes in July. So we are going to be talking about these important changes the requirements and of course this step by step process on how to become a permanent resident under this stream.

Before anything else, let’s jump right into the important changes that you need to know right now. All right, so as per July 2020 changes, the proof of funds requirement has been removed, so no proof of funds required under this stream.


Now the second change made is adding up 13 new NOC codes for occupations. So let me tell you which occupations these are.


First on the list we have

NOC: 9411, machine operators, mineral and metal processing,

NOC: 9416, metalworking and forging machine operators,

NOC: 9417 machining tool operators,

NOC: 9418 other metal products machine operators,

NOC: 9421 chemical plant machine operators,

NOC: 9422 plastics processing machine operators.

NOC: 9437 wood working machine operators,

NOC: 9446 Industrial sewing machine operators,

NOC: 9461 process control and machine operators Food and Beverage,

NOC: 9523 electronics, assemblers, fabricators, inspectors and testers,

NOC: 9526 mechanical assemblers and inspectors,

NOC: 9536 Industrial painters’ cutters and metal process operators,

NOC: 9537 other products, assemblers, finishers, and inspectors.

So, those are the additional NOC codes that were added as a result of this pandemic. However, I’m gonna be showing the entire list of NOC codes under the stream later in this blog. So now that you know the changes, let’s dive right into this step by step process,


which I know you are very eager to know. And the good thing is that as soon as you get yourself familiarized with this template, That process is going to be a lot easier for you to apply to other immigration streams because the process all look the same. So at this point, you must be very eager to know what exactly this immigration stream is and which province this stream is being offer at.

Alright, so the very first step that you need to take is to obtain an IELTS report and to reiterate the CLB level required under this stream is too low, which is CLB level 4, and that means listening 4.5 reading 3.5 writing 4.0 and speaking 4.0. Now there have been a lot of changes in terms of booking for an IELTS exam in Canada or outside of Canada. So if you are booking your IELTS test in Canada, simply go ahead and check this link and then select the province that you would like to book your IELTS in. So for instance you live in Ontario go ahead and click on this and then select the city you would like to book your IELTS in. Now what if you are taking IELTS from outside of Canada now in that case to book your IELTS test at offcial website and then hover your mouse over to book a test tab and then select find a test location and then select the button under IELTS and then select a country let’s say Philippines and then click on find a test location and then it will show you the list of test locations in the Philippines. Once you’re ready simply go ahead and click on the book now button.


Now the second step is to obtain an ECA report by to take you how ECA report you can get.

Start from here after putting ECA post


 So, one of the best ways to get a Canadian job is through LinkedIn. So if you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, go ahead and visit and create a profile. So, LinkedIn is basically just like Facebook when the difference is that in Facebook, your connections are your friends and family. family or loved ones, while on length and your connections are actually companies, your team members, your colleagues, the hiring managers and the HR recruiters. Now to search for jobs or to find a Canadian employer, go ahead and check slash jobs or click on the jobs tab in your dashboard and then type in your title or your skill. And of course, the location for example, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and click on the search button.


Now once you get the job offer from a Canadian employer the next step, which is step four, is to submit an online application and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it. Alright, so this dream that we’ve been talking about is none other than the OINP (Ontario immigrant Nominee Program) employer job offer in demand skill stream. Now to apply to this stream, all you have to do is to go to, and then scroll all the way down until you find the pattern and the text where it says submit an application. So go ahead and click on this. Now after you click on the bottom, it will take you into this page which is the Ontario immigrant Nominee Program or landing page, then click on continue and then select the option that best describes tribes your profile for example, you are a returning user, a new applicant or simply an immigration consultant. So let’s say you are a new applicant then go ahead and click on the link and then it will take you to the Ontario immigrant Nominee Program if filing scroll all the very down and then click on this link where it says employer job offer in demand skills stream and then finally it will take you to the applicant registration page for in you just need to fill out completely fill up the entire form in order to complete your application.

Now if you need help with anything related to create an account, creating a profile or simply playing under the stream simply. Now before we forget the cost of application for the in demand skill stream is 1500 to 2000 Canadian dollars.

Moving on, the Step five is to receive a nomination letter from the province. Now once you got the nomination letter that is automatically going to add you up additional 600 points on to your CRS score. And so the next step which is step six is to apply for permanent residence. Now to apply for permanent residence, or in other words immigrate as a Provincial Nominee, simply go to this link and then click on the link where it says apply online as a Provincial Nominee through express entry. In the same way, you can apply as a Provincial Nominee on paper by clicking this link, so let’s say let’s click on the link.

And I will tell you the step by step process starting from submitting an express entry profile, getting an Express Entry stream nomination. And what else we have. Number three, getting an invitation to apply for permanent residence. And of course, filling out your application. Once you’re ready, simply click on fill out your online application. And finally, the last step, of course, which is the most important step is step seven, which is to land in Canada.


First requirement is related to education and if you got your education in Canada, then you must have a Canadian secondary school or high school diploma or credential. So indeed, you can become a Canadian permanent resident under this stream without even needing a college degree. Now what if you got your education outside of Canada then you must get an educational credential assessment or ECA that proves your education is equivalent to a Canadian high school diploma. Of course, I’m going to show you how to grab or obtain your ECA report. Now moving on to our second requirement is related to language.


So as you know, the required CLB level under this stream is CLB level 4.0 CLB level four means

4.5 in listening

3.5 in reading

4.0 in writing

4.0 in speaking.

Now the third requirement is related to settlement funds again as per July 2020 amendment or changes, the settlement funds under the stream has been removed, so it’s 0.00 Canadian dollars. Now, the fourth requirement is that you need to have an intention to live in Ontario. Now, what does it really mean to have an intention to live in Ontario? Well, you must intend to live in Ontario after you’ve been granted permanent residents. We determine this by examining your ties in Ontario, which can include doing things such as working or having worked here, getting job offers applying to or interviewing for jobs, studying volunteering, leasing, or owning a property visiting and having professional networks and affiliations, family ties and personal relationships in Ontario. Now, moving on to the fifth requirement is related to work experience. Now, you need to have at least nine months of cumulative paid full time work experience in Ontario in the same in demand occupation or NOC code as your job offer. Which brings us to the number six requirement which is related to job offer?

Now, let’s take a look at what your job offer must look like. So number one, it must be full time and permanent, which means a minimum of 1560 hours a year and a minimum of 30 hours of paid work per week. Now, the second requirement is that your job offer must be in Ontario, and it must fall under NOC code C or D, and it must be in the following occupations.

So these occupations are

NOC 3413, which is for nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates,

NOC 4412, which is for home support workers and related occupations, excluding housekeepers,

NOC 7441, which is related to residential and commercial installers and services.

NOC 7511 about transport truck drivers

NOC 7521 to on heavy equipment operators exempt crane and we’ll see

NOC 7611 construction trades helpers and laborers

NOC 8431 is related to general farm workers

NOC 8432 nursery and greenhouse workers

NOC 8611 harvesting laborers

NOC 9462 Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry

Now, what if your job offer is outside of the Greater Toronto Area so documents outside of Toronto outside of Durham Region outside of your region outside of Peel Region and outside of Halton Region. Then your occupation or NOC code must be

NOC 9411, machine operators mineral and metal processing,

NOC 9416, metalworking and forging machine operators and owners

NOC 9417 machining tool operators and

NOC 9418 other metal products machine operators

NOC 9421 chemical plant machine operators

NOC 9422, plastics processing machine operators

 NOC 9437 wood working machine operators and we’ll see nine fours for six industrial sewing machine operators

NOC 9461, process control and machine operators, food beverage and associated products processing

NOC, 9523, electronics, assemblers, fabricators, inspectors and testers.  mechanical assemblers and inspectors

NOC 9536 Industrial painters, coders and metal finishing process operators

NOC 9537 other products, assemblers finishers and inspectors.


Now moving on to the third requirement, is that your pay of the job offered must meet or be higher than the median wage level for that occupation. Let me tell you how to find out. All right, so all you have to and then down here in the field type in your NOC code, let’s say an NOC 3413, which is for nurse aides and click on the search button.

Now this screen is saying that your employer must provide you a salary that meets or is higher than the median wage salary. So this is where it says median. So let’s say you got a job offer as a Nurse Aide in Ontario, specifically in Toronto. So let me find Yeah, this one here. So your employer must provide you a salary that is equivalent to at least $20 per hour or more in order for you to be eligible under these streams. Now moving on to the fourth requirement is that your position is necessary or must be necessary to the employers business. So this means that the job offer must align with your employer’s existing business activities. And the position must be needed to maintain or grow ongoing business activity. I know, there’s a lot of requirements for the jobs offer but finally we reach the last requirement, which is your work must be based in Ontario. So, the work that you do while in the position of the job offer must occur primarily in Ontario. Thank you so much, for watching. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write down in the comment section down below. If you haven’t heard watch my previous videos about Express Entry you can try going through this videos right here, and I’ll see you in my next video.

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