Simple Mehndi Designs For Front And Back Hand

Simple Mehndi Designs For Front And Back Hand

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Simple Mehndi Designs For Front And Back Hand

Simple Mehndi Designs for Hands

Now this part is about Swirly Mehndi design for hands. Both backend and front hand henna designs are included in this list. You will surely be surprised to see that Swirly Mehndi desigs also have a lot of potential.

Mehndi is essentially applied to the beautiful natural and translucent color it provides but this herb also has many medicinal and cooling properties. These features help calm nerves and reduce stress before important events like weddings. Hannah is also associated with positive emotions and good fortune that make it ideal for any special and pleasant occasion before it is applied. No wedding in the subcontinent is complete without a complex bridal mehndi pattern. In fact these days a lavish and elaborate mehndi ceremony is thrown prior to the actual wedding, where all women, and sometimes even men, get mehndi on their hands and feet from professional mehndi artists. Weddings don’t just produce mehndi patterns to enhance the beauty, women paste mehndi before many important festivals and special occasions like Eid, engagement, dinner parties, cultural events, college fests etc.

#1. Dimensional circular patterns Swirly Mehndi

This Swirly backhand henna design features circular strokes on the thumbs and a very colorful color pattern.

#2. A pretty coiled design on the sides Swirly Mehndi

Here is another simple and beautiful Swirly henna design for your feet. It features 3 condensed structures simultaneously with patterned lighting.

#3. Sharp and Edgy Swirly Mehndi Design

Unlike the easily flowing Swirly Mehndi, this henna design has a textured shape with sharp edges. Extensive use of lines, balance and light black strokes.

#4. A rather heavy design on the backhand

Heavy than the usual backhand henna routes, this design is stealing all our hearts for the right reasons. From the same pattern on the fingers or from the intricate and well-detailed trail with a wide coverage, this design is completely clear.

#5. Lots of florals

The same bold line can make a big difference in the overall shape of your henna, and that’s a proof! The beautifully drawn floral trail is raised with bold boundary highlights and we love it. The sharp filling of the pattern with delicate lines and the shape of petite flowers on the fingers looks very beautiful.

#6. Multiple chakras Swirly Mehndi

Particularly dominated by uniformly shaped circles and striped patterns, this Swirly Mehndi henna design is exceptional.

#7. An unusual backhand Swirly Mehndi design

This unique henna design starts with striped patterns on the fingers and is followed with specific beauty on each finger. However, the sandwiched track between the floral borders flows through the index finger, which eventually attaches to the wrist.

#8. Contemporary vibe Swirly Mehndi

This Swirly Mehndi henna design is more in modern times. There is a beautiful pattern on the middle finger on the back of the hand. And oh, on the other hand, there’s the amazingly winding trail that looks so annoying. So, the girls who live outdoors are blunt and like the feeling of love – these designs will suit your personality.

#9. Architectural accentuations Swirly Mehndi

This amazing design seems to have been inspired by the architectural accents of mosques or monuments. And without a doubt, it looks great! The patterns drawn on each finger are attached to the monumental structure with silver due to the denti dot. Also, this swamp wrist should definitely not be missed.

#10. So damn gorgeous Swirly Mehndi

Now, this is completely different from what you would add to the entire list. As you can clearly see, the whole arm is equipped with a gripping grid pattern and topped with decorative floral artwork. While most of the palm remains bare, the area connected to the fingers and wrists is covered with intricate and magical patterns.

#11. The Unmissable trail Swirly Mehndi

We are adorned with the enchanting beauty of this unique trail that emerges from the pink finger! Unlike most designs, it is not dominated by ribs but has a circular floral pattern.

#12. Fill up the empty spaces Swirly Mehndi

What makes this mehndi design so appealing is that the minimal patterns like flowers were drawn, and then the empty spaces were filled up with henna. This simple trick changes the whole look of the henna design and undoubtedly makes it look so aesthetically pleasing.

#13. Mesmerising henna art Swirly Mehndi

We are largely embracing this amazing henna Swirly Mehndi henna design on the back hand. All fingers are adorned with beautiful designs and a wide detailed trail is flowing down.

#14. The leaves and bold strokes Swirly Mehndi

The leaves are a prominent element in Swirly Mehndi henna. It is common to see the slender structure of the leaf leaf along the trails, but their place in this design is different. There are lots of shady leaves, herbs and small flowers hidden in the light. Together, they are associated with routine and attraction.

#15. Pretty yet simple Swirly Mehndi

This Swirly Mehndi henna design is different for many reasons! Interestingly, both hands have the same and different designs. One of them has a peacock on the wrist and leaf patterns on the palm of the hand, the other hand has specific floral motifs with bold bold outlines. However, the bell map with dotted chain is the most attractive element in both hands.

#16. The flower power Swirly Mehndi

Every ordinary woman would love to wear her modern Swirly Mehndi Mahindi design on the back of her hand. It is dominated by the power of flowers and has deep rose shapes drawn at the intersections of the cut grid. The trail of those double flowers protruding from the pink fingers also looks so real.

#17. Yet another gorgeous Swirly Mehndi

It is difficult to close our eyes with the beautiful Swirly Mehndi henna design falling from the jaw. Whether it’s a heavy finger design or circular patterns connected in an infinite loop by leafy trails, every aspect of this design is admirable.

#18. A gripping trailed Swirly Mehndi

There is a beautiful Swirly Mehndi henna design with two wide trails and a visually heavy design on all fingers.

#19 An intriguing pattern with prominent empty space

This enchanting design of Swirly Mehndi henna results in many strokes, paisley, circular patterns. It is interesting to note that unlike most designs, this design covers all the fingers with henna.

#20. A breathtakingly beautiful Swirly Mehndi

We can’t turn a blind eye to this flawless Swirly Mehndi henna design which not only casts spells to look at but is also aesthetically pleasing. Featuring numerous floral motifs and other delicate patterns, this unique henna design is intricate and elegant to ensure.

#21. Bold and beautiful Swirly Mehndi

This henna design, which is thicker than usual, will really get special attention. Sharp work on the fingers, beautiful mandala and everything in between looks the same reference.

#22. Checks and peppy paisleys Swirly Mehndi

There is no precedent for a checkered design in the Swirly Mehndi henna style. And you definitely can’t go with that design. Brides who want to go with their henna at least can choose a similar design. This is a beautiful vine made on the back hand with paisley, grid and some circular patterns. Such trail designs are also very easy and fast to attract.

#23. Lacy Gloves Swirly Mehndi

This trending Swirly Mehndi henna design looks like a luscious glove worn by a girl. It is designed with sheer complexity and looks very modest.

#24. The Arabian appeal Swirly Mehndi

Getting most Swirly Mehndi henna designs is not easy! Applying a flawless henna design requires a good understanding of space, angle, balance and specifications. Take a look at it! Unlike most designs, it is not just a trail but covers a wide area of ​​the arm and arm area. Still, you can observe pundit spaces between complex grids, leaves, flowers and other patterns.

#25. Swirly Mehndi with personalised touches

This graceful design is perfect for brides who don’t want to go OTT with their henna! The charming Swirly Mehndi patterns add to the bride’s attention in this minimalist henna design, beautifully crafted with flowers on each hand and a distinctive trail. The key element of this distinctive henna design is undoubtedly the ‘Save History’ section. Also, adding wedding dates to the bride’s henna is an outrageous trend.

#26. Playful paisleys Swirly Mehndi

How cute is this paisley dominated henna design? The trail includes several paisleys that are more beautiful with certain boundary light, while the other hand is kept to a minimum with a slightly more beautiful sun-like pattern. This Swirly Mehndi henna design is definitely a great option for beauty lovers.

#27. A jaw-droppingly beautiful backhand Swirly Mehndi

This RC henna design on the back is rightly winning our hearts! Whether it’s the same pattern on the fingers or delicate floral patterns drawn delicately in a circular shape with some bare space this unique design is admirable.

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